Project Management and Consultancy Services

Mobility Consult (MCPL) specialises in providing one-stop solution in the delivery and maintenance of Fibre Optic Infrastructure Networks to ensure that the projects are delivered on time and within customer's budget.

We have a pool of highly trained Project Specialists, Technical Managers and Site Engineers who are experienced in the deployment of long-haul networks installation including new networks implementation for a diverse range of clients.

Customers will have the assurance that our works will be held to the highest standard and delivered on time within the allocated budget. (We are your Outsource Planning & Engineering Team)

We provide a One-stop solution and time management in each of project design cycles. As one of Singapore’s market leaders in telecommunication networks, we have the expertise to execute and manage a project efficiently. Our large pool of specialist gives us an edge in the industry and ensure that we are always equipped with the precise “know-hows” that are required in the telecommunication projects.

Our fiber network team offers bespoke infrastructure networks design using various GIS system / ArcGIS / QGIS, taking into consideration various factors during the route design & planning to ensure that it is feasible for branching, diversity and future maintenance.

Our services comprise of on ground site surveying of proposed designed routes taking into consideration the existing road line reserves, traffic management, occupancies of existing service providers, rooms for installation of duct/manholes.

We will also provide ground reports with photos and documentation with the relevant recommendations.

Since 2006, MCPL has been involved in many submarines fibre optic network projects deployed in Singapore, collaborating hand in hand with various marine and land contractors to ensure that their projects are successful.

MCPL provides way of approval permit services that covers the entire process from identifying, planning, obtaining, procuring the necessary licenses, authorizations and permits for the projects that are required to be obtained, including but not limited to environmental approvals, way leaves, permits, licenses and consents from relevant authorities or entities.

We have the experience and database of covering most of the buildings in Singapore. MCPL has established close contact and communication with up to 450 buildings.

With each new project that we take on, our team of site acquisition experts continue to fine tune and develop our services to better suit the needs of our clients. This saves our clients both time and money, while still exceeding the expectation of client by delivering high-quality services and products.

Our team is the point of contact for everyone involved in the project—from property owners to engineers, from surveyors to the clients—we manage every aspect from candidate selection until the permit is approved, these include services such as:

On behalf of our client, MCPL has a way of approval to expedite the preparation and submission of pre-cons drawing to the Authorities for in-principal approval prior to construction/ installation phase. We will also follow up with the Authorities on return comments if any and provide alternative solution.

Sourcing for the best quality and value Ducts, Cables and accessories

Land Cable Route Design and Route Survey

Land Cable Duct Route Specification and Construction Supervision

Land Cable Installation, Jointing and Testing (Supervision to Turnkey)

MCPL provides one stop services for Telecommunication Operators to manage client information to Requestors for Notice of Commencement of Earthworks (NCE) such as site consultation and inspection to ascertain and protect client’s underground assets.

Our contract / legal department also covers the preparation of tendering document for contractors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Scope of Work
  • Construction Materials Specifications
  • Detailed Design Drawings
  • Schedules of Rates
  • Tender submission and returns

We handle the Contractual Documentation preparation to the award of the successful contractor on behalf of our client to provide a seamless experience.

Our services include networks audit and updating of records during progressive and final construction duration such as:

  • Duct Utilisation
  • Fibre Utilisation
  • Faults and Resolution

We offer a simple but comprehensive handover documentation which details all aspect of the networks.

Documentations are designed to read with simplicity and traceability in links.

Documentation is kept to date even as the networks grow.

MCPL will deliver the services by three levels of hardware redundancy to ensure that information is backed up with regular scheduled maintenance services.