Testing & Commissioning

Currently, MCPL has secured advance and calibrated testing equipment to cover the following testing and commissioning of new and current network system:

  • Insertion Loss
  • Optical Return Loss
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Chromatic Dispersion
  • Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD)

Provide a comprehensive engineering service for optical networks:

  • Optical Fibre Characterisation
  • System Engineering Design
  • System Deployment, System Testing and Validation
  • Project Management
  • System Maintenance
  • In-service Pro-active Dark Fibre Monitoring Service

Analysing, testing & commissioning of network installations are paramount to the success of any project. These factors ensure that system design and performance duties are achieved at every level. Our experienced team of commissioning specialists can perform any level of commissioning services and network performance analysis that your project requires. We offer in-depth testing and commissioning of network systems during construction and throughout the entire project. Adopting a hands-on approach, we validate the intended operation to ensure that they are working at maximum efficiency, while providing a safe and pleasant environment. We provide network testing and commissioning services for new networks as well as for existing and never-commissioned-before projects.

To date, we have successfully re-tested, re-commissioned and re-analysed networks and their performances for many major local projects.

These include gathering site-specific information, attending technical team meetings and coordinating schedules, performing pre-laying testing and after-laying testing.

These are performed on optical fibre, copper, signal and all telecommunication networks.

Connector End Face Inspection, Insertion Loss Measurements, Return Loss Measurements, OTDR testing, OLTS testing, VFL (Visual Fault Locate), Chromatic Dispersion testing (CD), Polarisation Mode Dispersion testing (PMD) and Spectral Attenuation are some of the services.

Online Service Portal


service portal for utility request - Information on OSP network and NCE application submission.

Undertake OTDR. RFC24544, Stability testing